Q1. Will an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 automatically transfer from high school to college?

Answer: No, your IEP or 504 will not automatically transfer from high school to college. You will need to request an appointment with the Office of Disabilities Services and turn in your documentation.

Q2. Will and Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or 504 suffice for documentation?

Answer: This really depends on the disability as well as the accommodations needed by the student. The Office of Disabilities may ask for more specific documentation, especially if a certain accommodation is requested by a student.

Q3. Will my accommodations be automatically sent to my instructors?

Answer: No, you will need to go into your Quista mail and print out a copy for each instructor. We encourage students to self-disclose to their instructors, as all documentation given to the Office of Disabilities is confidential. It is the student's choice of whether or not they would like to use their for all classes or just certain classes.

Q4. Will my college classmates know that I have accommodations?

Answer: No, this is kept confidential between the Instructor and the student. While it is the student's option of whether or not to self-disclose to their classmates, we encourage being open and sharing with others. This may help to enlighten others and give them a different perspective.

Q5. Where can I go to have a quiet study area and get extra help for a subject that I am enrolled in?

Answer: You can go to the Academic Success Center or (ACS), which is located in the library at each campus. There is free tutoring in the ACS for any subject  you are enrolled in! We highly recommend that you take advantage and use the ACS any time you can.

Q6. How do I get started on getting accommodations put into place for my courses?

Answer: You will first need to make sure that you have completed the admissions process. While we can help gather your documentation, we cannot put accommodations in place until you are a student at the college.

Q7. What accommodations are offered to students with disabilities?

Answer: There are many different forms of accommodations that can be offered to students with disabilities. For a full list of the available accommodations, please search under accommodations. 

Q8: Do I need to give each instructor the accommodations list every semester?

Answer: Yes, you will need to make sure to give each instructor your accommodation sheet. If you can, try to give instructors that accommodations sheet before the courses begin. Instructors will have to modify different parts of the course, and this may take some time.

Q9: What if I ask for accommodations after a course has begun?

Answer: If your accommodations are put into place and a course has already begun, the accommodations will NOT be retroactive. Accommodations begin the first day the accommodations for is give to the instructor. Also, some time has to be given to the instructor in order to implement the accommodations.

Q10. Can I choose what accommodations I receive?

Answer: The Office of Disabilities Services will process any documentation provided by the student and accommodate according to information provided. Students may choose to not use certain accommodations for their courses.