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Accessibility Services for Students

The Student Accessibility Services Office ensures equal access, accommodations, and services to its registered students with disabilities.

PHSC contributes to the educational foundation of students with disabilities and supports full inclusion. Accessibility tools are provided to students with disabilities for successful learning experiences, and to be afforded the same opportunities as those without disabilities in a college setting.

Updates on College operations due to COVID-19 activity can be found on the PHSC coronavirus web page. Students in need of accessible services can keep updated by visiting the PHSC Facebook page and joining the Student Accessibility Services Facebook group. 

In the News

PHSC Alerts on Text Scams

There is a texting scam currently going on around the world aimed at students, colleges and related institutions. If you receive a text or email that is suspicious and is asking you to do something, for example related to paying a bill or fee, then please know that it may be a scam called a “smish…

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